Plastic for us all!

Version control = pain for most game developers. The past year, I’ve been looking for a solution that has a smooth client for both Windows and Mac users, is hosted, has enough space and simple to use for coder and artists alike. I recently got to know about Plastic SCM‘s Unity integration and asked them to join us over the weekend and make their hosted solution available to us. The Plastic SCM server is public for all the VRJAM people and we can create new users and play with the server!!! Manuel Lucio Dallo will give us a 30 minute walk-through on Friday 16.30 Uhr and there are his words on how we can prepare, so we’re all set when the jam begins.


The more time you spend struggling with your VCS the less games you create! As game consumers we want you to release more and faster that’s why we invite you to our talk.
Game development is a team sport. Different roles, different skills but a common goal. Plastic SCM can handle code and art with different interfaces and workflows for programmers and artists.
Artists will take advantage of Gluon simplified interface and workflow while developers will use branching & merging and distributed development. Plastic will store source code, branches and huge binaries seamlessly.

Plastic SCM is used by well known game development studios such us Telltale Games (The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones) and Facepunch Studios (Rust).

Join us and discover the easiest (and extremely powerful) way to VCS.

*** TRY IT NOW ***

Everybody can create a PlasticSCM user to work with the VRJAM Plastic SCM server here:
The server is happily listening at: and will accept the credentials (because it’s using the “User and Password auth” mode) created at

The evaluation guide is highly recommended to learn the Plastic SCM basics in 2 minutes.


Evaluation Guide:

Plastic Gluon:
Plastic for Unity3D:
Plastic for Game Development:

Download Plastic:
Direct link for Windows:

Best regards,
Manuel Lucio Dallo