Dan Pearson aka The Moderator!

Dan is one of my favorite journalists. He tried to do an interview with me last year over a…no wait…some amount of beers…which turned into hours of my voice randomly rambling about quirky/bizarre game jam games, weird music videos that I have made with friends and gossip that I whispered to him away from the recorder. Needless to say: there was no useful material on that recorder for any article. This is one of the reasons that Mariam tries to keep me away from doing interviews for RAGNAROKvr. To keep me in check, Dan will moderate the panel on VR Design that Chet Faliszek/Valve, Hilmar Veigar Petursson/CCP, Callum Underwood/Oculus, a special guest (ohh…so secret) and yours truly will be on stage for.