…will add more videos and photos one day, but Mariam‘s photos can be seen here: Day 1 + Day 3 …a video of the very competitive Rubber Dinghy Race is HERE. …and winners were announced on VR Focus’ LIVE BLOG! Keep track of Shayla Games on Twitter and Facebook. And check out the FB event page and feel like you where… Read more →


Bad Night Vision Cityscape Repairman Concert in Virtual Reality Drunken Johnny 2 Heroin Hero Labster – VR Education Lucid Trips niVRana Project Icarus Razer OSVR SayWhat Trip the Light Fantastic    Read more →

VR Crash Course!

Horatiu and I (both from team RAGNAROKvr) will do a quick ‘VR in Unity’ crash course for the Oculus Rift DK2 + Gear VR tomorrow 16-16.30 Uhr. Download the SDK’s before: Oculus Rift SDK & Gear VR SDK. -Julie     Read more →

Jed from Sony is back!!

I am so happy that Jed Ashforth, Senior Game Designer/Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, made the time to join us second year in a row and tell us about his design experiences from making the Project Morpheus demos. I had the pleasure to hang out with Jed last night in Malmø at the Nordic Game Indie Night and every moment spend with him makes… Read more →

CCP is joining us!!!!

This year at GDC, Hilmar/CEO of CCP Games gave me the best VR demo I’ve ever tried. A few months later, I went up to Reykjavik for SLUSH Play to join Hilmar in a VR panel and my main goal was to get back into that demo and stay there forever. I’m so very happy that Hilmar is joining Chet, Callum, Dan… Read more →

Razer playcasing OSVR!

Marquis Tan/Razer is flying all the way from Singapore to give us a chance to try Razer’s OSVR. In his own words: OSVR will be around to showcase our Hacker’s Development Kit, the “PC to the Consoles” of VR that’s fully upgradable, allowing VR fans and enthusiasts to always enjoy a cutting edge experience without having to invest in a… Read more →

Apex Game Tools!!!

I love my family. And I love the fact that my bro, Jake, decided to start working on his dream project last year just before Shayla Games (the 2014 edition) and went on stage to present Apex Game Tools back then. Him and his team are taking the stage again this year, and they are bringing their newest demo + a lot of… Read more →

Plastic for us all!

Version control = pain for most game developers. The past year, I’ve been looking for a solution that has a smooth client for both Windows and Mac users, is hosted, has enough space and simple to use for coder and artists alike. I recently got to know about Plastic SCM‘s Unity integration and asked them to join us over the… Read more →

Allegorithmic aka Substance

Every time I type ‘allegorithmic‘ I have to go back and check my spelling, so I prefer calling them SUBSTANCE – which is the name of a series of their excellent tools that I’m completely addicted to during RAGNAROKvr development. I’ve never been able to hold a pen and paint/draw anything meaningful IRL, but I see textures and materials coming… Read more →

Tim Garbos – Master of group-forming!

This is Tim Garbos. Tim is a hardcore game jammer, long time organizer of Nordic Game Jam, Exile Game Jam and a lot of other events. Tim is making Progress (literally) together with Joel and Martin Kvale, but he’s also famously known for the creation of the ‘Justin Bieber Simulator’. Tim will be in charge of the group forming process on Friday… Read more →

VR Kick-off – with Callum!!!

We’ll kick-off the VR Jam itself at 20ish Uhr after a row of amazing talks and the VR panel. I’ve asked Callum to join us on stage and he has promised to do a little dance in his home-grown Viking beard. Callum is the de facto go-to-guy for developers who’s hooked on Oculus Rift and he has been extremely helpful… Read more →

Oculus swagness!

I’ve received a box full of Oculus swag for us all! Below is a photo of the T-shirts presented by Mr. Slash and his white slave. Mr. Slash (aka Shailesh Prabhu) has made a pretty awesome VR game, niVRana, together with Apoorva, which he will expo at Shayla Games on May 22. I’ve played….wait….headbanged it. The two are also the creators of… Read more →


This is Chet. Chet is awesome. Chet loves cats. Chet is my favorite person at Valve. Chet is the go-to-guy for VR devs like myself. Chet will join us and help us making great VR content throughout Shayla Games. I’m so happy!!! -Julie   Read more →

John Wayne on 3D Audio!

The John Wayne of Unity aka Wayne Johnson is ready to take the stage again on Sunday May 24 to share his thoughts and experience on 3D audio for VR. With his own words: Audio has always been a driving force for the immersion of a game. With the blooming of VR, the immersive ability of audio within games takes… Read more →

Dan Pearson aka The Moderator!

Dan is one of my favorite journalists. He tried to do an interview with me last year over a…no wait…some amount of beers…which turned into hours of my voice randomly rambling about quirky/bizarre game jam games, weird music videos that I have made with friends and gossip that I whispered to him away from the recorder. Needless to say: there… Read more →

ROKOKO mo-capturing Shayla Games

I was in Iceland for SLUSH Play a few weeks ago and was in the middle of a conversation with one of the nice guys from Leap Motion when I realized that this rather handsome guy standing next to me was wearing a mo-cap suit and about to run on stage and tell us all about ROKOKO. Next day I… Read more →

UI in VR with Master Timster!

Tim Cooper/Unity aka UI Guru aka my room mate will enlighten us on how to create UI’s for VR. With his very own words: VR presents interesting challenges for interfaces. Standard layout, and 2D doesn’t cut it. What can you do to make a great 3d responsive UI and HOW do you do it? And yeah, Timster is the de facto go-to-guy for… Read more →

A MAZE Playcase @ShaylaGames

Show us what you’ve got! Shayla Games is all about AMAZEing VR content and Thorsten/A MAZE has made an open call for VR games & experiences for the A MAZE Playcase on Friday May 22. Sign-up here and bring your newest development to the show. WE WANNA SEE IT! -Julie Read more →

Creative Coast Festival FTWinners!!

So we make all these amazing VR experiences and games together and then what? Creative Coast Festival has decided to invite the 4 best submissions to exhibit shortly after Shayla Games. May 29 to be precise! Thanks Johan & team. This is über cool! Read more here. -Julie Read more →


Wauw! Our friends at Unity will hand-out Unite Europe tickets to the winners of the jam! Yipihiiiiyeah!!! The always awesome, Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, will do the guest keynote (they are the developers of the smash hit Cities: Skylines). John Riccitiello/CEO and Joachim Ante/CTO will naturally be on stage as well together with all the other awesome Unity coders such… Read more →

Make it Simplygon

Creating assets optimized for VR can be tricky (oh yeah), but luckily I got this good friend, Koshi, who’s one of the founders of Simplygon (Automagic 3D Optimization) and also a big VR + AR geek. Koshi will join us at Shayla Games together with some of his team mates and teach us how to use Simplygon in his talk on Optimization for… Read more →

ARM will join us!

ARMSOME!!! I just received an email from some of the nice ARM peeps and they told me to check out this. YEAH, BABY! They will join us May 22-24!! I’m super excited! I’m building for Gear VR myself and I can really learn a lot from them during Shayla Games. WUHUUUUU!!! -Julie Read more →

Leap Motions!!!

Holy moly! Our friends at Leap Motion sent us a mountain of controllers. I can’t wait to play with these at Shayla Games. They also included some guidelines and they told me that in order to get the SDK everyone we will need to register at: Below is some helpful UX/UI getting started documentation: 4 Tips for building your first… Read more →

Free hugs

Jon is a lovely Gang Beast and one of my favorite huggers. Jon luckily loves hugging. In fact, he loves hugging SO MUCH that he will give free hugs to every attendee of Shayla Games and these photos are from his hugging prep back home in the the Boneloaf office. So find this guy, get a hug and pass it… Read more →

Shayla Games 2015

Shayla Games on May 22-24 in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the biggest on-site VR Jam in the world. Fetch tickets and join us for all-VR talks, panels and expo on Friday afternoon, May 22. We will all start jamming Friday eve and go until Sunday. We have expanded our team of 3 to a larger crew and have invited a lot of VR… Read more →